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KSing is an absolute free platform for people who feel the love of music and singing inside their hearts.

Sing your heart out, record your cover in our unique online studio and DO NOT hesitate to share it with the world.
By being a "KSinger", you may follow and being followed by so many people who have the same passion as yours!
Also, you may find new friends and have a private chat with them in our messanger! So… have fun and let the world taste it too!

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Main Features

  • Thousands of instrumental songs in more than 10 languages in our Backing Track library.
  • Like / dislike, rate, comment and share a backing track in social networks.
  • Review and study lyrics and original songs of the backing tracks.
  • Record a cover song in an unique Online Studio.
  • Write a story and use an ideal avatar for a cover.
  • Being famous as a solo or duo act by being part of website’s charts.
  • Like / dislike, rate, comment and share a cover song in social networks.
  • Create a KSinger page in website’s social network section.
  • Secondary “Search” for backing tracks, Artists and Covers.
    • Located in “Backing Tracks and Cover” pages, enables KSingers to have a detailed and faster results by variety of so many sorts of filters such as; language, date of publicity and etc.
  • Charts
    • Sneak peek to variety of charts located in website’s home page and possibility to continue for each and every of them.
  • Daily Charts
    • On the right side of each insider page you can see every day’s activity in variety of small charts.
  • Follow / Unfollow an Artist / KSinger
    • As soon as following an artist or a KSinger you will receive their new posts in your home page. By choosing to unfollow an Artist / KSinger, all of their posts will be erased from your home page.
  • Friendship with other KSingers
    • Friendship with other KSingers; enabling to have a private chat in website’s messenger located in My Profile section. In order to remove a friend from your list you should go to: My Profile \ Friends \ ( ) (Left hand side of friend’s address @Friend) and choose Remove. As soon as removing a KSinger from your friendship list, all previous chats will be erased.

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