Empire of Light

Tin Hat Trio

2019-09-25T15:16:05.0000000 English
Empire of Light
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Endless night
Wanting but to hold you
Not so far away

One more time
Sweeter than the first time
Sweeter endlessly

In my dreams
Quiet as a photograph
Next to you, smiling, waving

In my tears
Knowing you would cry for me
Wouldn't you miss me? I miss you

Same blue skies
That cheered me on a new day
They're not so far behind

Same tall tree
That shaded us a short time
Leaves me longing

In my eyes
Gentle as a falling star
Where you are, glowing brightly

In my dreams
Quiet as a photograph
Knowing you would cry for me

Now you're watching over me
I'll be dreaming of you
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