All Things Must Change

Kirsty McGee

2020-01-21T10:16:59.0000000 English
All Things Must Change
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There used to be a time that you were crazy about me
And if I had to go you went crazy without me
Oh, my sweet love, all things must change

I know you want nothing more than my blessing upon you
But how can I bless you when I still want you here?
All things must change

There's a hole in my soul and it lets the daylight through
I don't remember it was there before you
How did we sour all the sweetness?
How did it come to this?

There used to be a time when I was lost without you
Now I find my way, but it's so dark without you
And I wanted so badly for things to stay the same
But oh my sweet love, all things must change
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